Monday, December 29, 2014


Boy oh boy, what a week! Definitely a different kind of week than I have experienced so far! I am going to try to go away from my day by day format this week. That means that I may not write as much. I may go a little day by day though just because this week was different.

The work was extremely slow this week because we had almost zero time to do anything. What the heck.... here comes my days in order...
On Tuesday we had the 1st annual TLM Jingle Jam! It was sick. We saw lots of comedic skits/talents, and lots of for real/serious talents. Pres. and Sis. Heaps' surprise to us was letting us watch the Saratov Approach! That definitely got the adrenaline pumping! The most intense video we get to watch would probably have to be The Testaments so that was quite a step up the ladder as far as intensity! They also surprised us by telling us that Elder Bednar will be coming on the 13th or 15th of January (I can't remember which one). So that is going to be legit as can be! We got all of our Christmas packages there and took them home to opened them up that night! I was thoroughly satisfied with them all! I have lots of treats now that I have to slowly partake of so that I don't overdose on sugar!
On Christmas Eve we were out until 6pm and then had to go inside for the rest of the night. We were out all day and tried to visit some people but nobody was outside and everybody we tried were gone or busy as always.

On Christmas day we went over right after studies to the Weldy's to eat with them and play games. It was a lot of fun! We played this intense new Uno game. I can't remember what its called but it was super fun and real intense! Definitely a step up from Uno and Uno Attack! We then got to Skype home! It was so lovely to see y'all! That hour went by way too fast! But it was super fun to see all your beautiful faces! That definitely made my Christmas Day wonderful! After that we just had to go home and sit around all night. We had a dang good time though! Sure, we got super bored at times, but we still managed to have a good time! I have some sweet videos that I will send home when I get my other SD Card. I think you will enjoy them. Real stupid, but funny. Heck, they may not even be funny. But whatevs. We also started our new workout program on Christmas! We have a push-up program that we have started and we also started doing stuff with the resistance bands that we have in our apartment. I can already see my body getting shredded!

On Friday we went back to work, but we spent the first 5.5 hours of our day helping Bro. Weldy replace the spark plugs on his car. I basically just stood there the whole time. I would say my moral support was above average. Also, I wore a short sleeve shirt around all day... on the 26th of December!!!!! It was close to 70 degrees and beautiful! But they say that every time that it gets real warm in the winter here it means that a cold front is coming. And that it did. So the last couple days have been chilly with chilly weather in the forecast!
On Saturday we went and saw Daina & Tommy for a bit. Daina is an excommunicated Jahovah's Witness and her husband Tommy is the funniest person ever! Daina has talked to missionaries in the recent past and so we stop by and talk to her for a few minutes here and there. But they invited us over for some mesquite barbeque in a couple weeks so I am pumped out of my mind for that!

 Sunday was a pretty solid day. Church went quite well despite only having 15 or so people there because everyone was out of town! I talked in sacrament meeting along with Elder Stringham. But it was nothing special. We talk a lot. But you can still feel the spirit and have good meetings with hardly anyone there! We went and visited Paul as well in the evening. We had visited him a couple times the past week and a half and he is doing much better emotionally because he has to go completely off alcohol to get his son back. So he has been smiling a lot and happy because of that. He has been able to focus on what we are talking about and actually think about it and not just have it go over his head and relate it to his son. But he is a really really slow learner. We have watched The Restoration video with him twice and read real simple things about Joseph Smith and The Restoration but he is still having a hard time comprehending and remembering. We went over what prophets were for about 10 minutes and he still doesn't have a very good understanding. So it is going to be a very long process with him.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Elder Reed Ericson

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