Monday, December 15, 2014

Fried Chicken

Well my good peeps, I never got around to telling you that I was almost for certain that I would stay in Sweetwater with Elder Stringham for another transfer. I guess I never got around to it. You have two transfers of training and almost always you will stay in the same area and with the same trainer. So yes, I am still in Sweetwater with Elder Stringham! We are excited because we have a lot of goods things happening here! It took over a month to get anything really good going, but we have it going now! It should be a successful transfer! The progress that I have seen in just six short weeks is crazy. I am 50 times the missionary I was when I came out into the field and I still have a number of big jumps ahead of me until I get to the point when it becomes smaller jump after smaller jump. So I am excited to see what another six weeks will do to my work! I am also becoming my own missionary. Your first few weeks out you pretty much do whatever your trainer does and say the same type of things they do. But I am at the point where I am starting to do things my own way and become Elder Ericson and not Elder Stringham Junior.
On another note, gas is about $2.25 here right now. Granted, we never have to buy gas because our bicycles are gas free, but its still something for you to be jealous about.
I love filling you in on all the big events of the week, and I have found that just going day by day is the easiest way for me to do that. In the MTC, whenever something cool would happen I would write it down and then at the end of the week I had just a list of cool things. But out here I have to just go through my journal before I come to email and write down things that happened day by day. Its not the best format, but it will do for now.
On Tuesday, we had an interesting bike day. Firstly, I was riding down the sidewalk by the high school and I was looking straight down at my back tire. I was going really slow, but all of a sudden, I came to a very sudden complete halt and I felt some pressure on the front of my helmet and a few other places on my body. It took me a moment to realize what had happened. And when it dawned on me what happened, I was completely shocked at what had just occurred. Yes, I ran into a big light pole! Hahahaha I laughed for about 5 straight minutes after!!! Nobody saw, there were hardly any cars, but it was one of the funniest things that has happened to me! Anyway, later that night we were out on our bikes and Elder Stringham went up and over a curb, and as he came down the other side of the sidewalk thingy, his back tire popped and went completely flat in a matter of seconds! So instead of going on with our work for the night, we just walked back to our apartment (we were pretty close) and spent the next good while fixing his tire. Luckily, we were able to fix it with his tire repair kit that he has, because that could have pretty much put our work here to a halt for a few days, and that would have been no bueno.

On Wednesday we went and visited with this guy who is 88 years old and had a "spell" about 4-5 years ago that wiped his memory! It sounds a lot like a stroke, but who knows. Anyway, he is athiest and won't change, so we just sat and talked with him about whatever for about 40 minutes. That was interesting. While we were teaching Larry that night, we both felt the spiritual prompting that he can get baptized. We spent a lot of time wondering if it was right to baptize him, and we both felt a very obvious answer that it would be good to do that. The only problem now is getting him to quit smoking, so that should be interesting.
On Thursday I received my birthday package, and so I went ahead an opened that sucker up! The food/treats were top notch! And the CD's were top notch as well! Unfortunately, none of the Lindsey Stirling CD is mission appropriate, so that stinks. But I still love having her CD at my desk!

Friday was a fuuuuuuuun day!!!! Oh boy, def the most interesting day of my mission so far! We totally sat down at the park with some Jahovah's Witness pioneers! They had talked to the missionaries a few months ago and the missionaries asked some questions that they wanted to answer for them. So they wanted to meet with us. Anyway, we went in with an open mind of what was going to happen. One of them was in her 20's and then her mom came along with her. We asked them some questions about their beliefs and let them talk to us about all their stuff. And then it was our turn and the younger one actually had some pretty good questions and was actually interested in learning more about what we believe. Her mother was def on another page! We could hardly get two sentences out without her interrupting us and talking about how bologna it all was. Elder Stringham was biting his tongue so hard, it was actually quite hilarious to look over and see his face! He said he had about 3 scripture lined up to disprove their religion, but we were good boys and let them bash us without bashing them. What I learned from this is how crucial learning by the spirit is. You can prove things back and forth using the Bible, but when it comes down to it, the spirit teaches you truth. And that is something that the JW's don't believe in at all. I think it is so wonderful that our church stresses finding things out for yourself, and much more often that not, you find out through the spirit that what is being taught is true. I couldn't think of a better way of actually knowing truth than by studying and having the spirit testify to you what is truth. Also, on Thursday night we went out to Allen's Buffet with the Patton's. On baby, best fried chicken I have ever had and hands down the best mac & cheese on the planet. Holy cow people. So dang good! So that was basically the best thing that happened this week!
On Saturday we had a memorial at the church for a guy that died this past week that used to live in the Sweetwater Branch. I don't have time to tell you about it. But look up "Cameron Alldredge" and you should find some news articles. Crazy stuff. Also, look up his brother "Tje Alldredge"....
On Sunday we had dinner at the Thompson's again, like always, and it was a good one. Both food and conversation. For dinner we had homemade crock-pot lasagna. Oh boy was it good. We had two other men from the branch over for dinner too and the conversation about Shelby and his conversion was amazing. They were such a big help and I think that Shelby is getting closer and closer every week. Hopefully I have more time next week to talk about him. Its very interesting. I pray hard every night that he can recognize his answers and take the next step!
Anyway, thats all for this week. I gotta peace out. I always struggle with time these days. Darn it. I wish I could tell you more! I love you all!

Elder Reed Ericson

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