Monday, January 12, 2015


Well, this week was a week full of "Holy Cow". I don't even think that makes any sense, but whatevs.
To start off this week, gas here in Sweetwater is $1.91 today. A week or two back when it was still at about $2.15 here it was down to $1.85 in Abilene. So I am curious to know how cheap it is in Abilene! Also, I saw on a member's computer they had an article pulled up titles something like "Texas City Prepares for Boom of Bust". It was talking about Sweetwater and an oil boom. I have no idea what it said or anything. It was on Yahoo News so if you are interested you could check it out.
Anyway, this week was pretty sick. We taught way more than we ever have! I will give you a rundown of everything!
We taught Erica twice this week. The first time we sat outside in the cold because we didn't have an adult male with us so we couldn't go outside. It was a really good Restoration lesson thought despite the cold. A few days later we went back with Bro. Weldy so we were able to go inside. The lesson was kinda terrible. Erica's daughter is a menace and she tearing it up like a wrecking ball if you know what I'm sayin'. We set a baptismal date for the 24th but we are going to have to move that back a bit. Btw, for those of you wondering about setting baptismal dates. We set a date as a goal. So we will invite them early on with a goal date so that they have something to work towards. Then, if they are ready and have their answer by that date then we can go through with it. If not, we move it back.
We met with this man named Michael three times this week. He is in his late twenties and has a wife and a little kid. We found his wife out smoking on the front porch a few weeks back but when we went and tried them we ended up only teaching Michael out on the porch. The first time we met we had a rough Restoration lesson. He grew up Baptist and had a lot of interesting questions and was very stern with some comments. But he had some questions about the second coming and hell and stuff like that so we set up another appointment and left him 3 Nephi 11 to read. Well, turns out, the next day we went back and we learn that not only did he read 3 Nephi 11... but he STUDIED it with his wife! He learned how to use the footnotes and was cross-referencing with the Bible! His wife apparently is really worried because she hasn't been baptized and they spent some time studying baptism! So we answered some questions and taught a killer Plan of Salvation and set up another appointment and gave him another chapter to read. So the next night we went back and had another killer visit with him outside in the cold! We answered a lot of questions and talked about some stuff! He is a real nice guy and pretty smart. Butttttttttt..... he left on Saturday for at least 2 months for work. He does electrical stuff on the wind turbines and get shipped out for months at a time and then gets to come home for about a week before getting shipped out again! But he is taking his Book of Mormon and we are going to try to keep in contact with him and his wife while he is gone!
We continue to teach Larry. We met with him twice this week. He understands things super well and even went in during church with the branch president and the president told us that he is more than comprehensive enough to get baptized! So we are shooting towards the 31st with Larry. I'm tellin' ya, Larry is the man. He cracks us up!
We met with Jill, our neighbor on the other side of the wall. We went in and were going to teach her, but after a couple minutes before we even started teaching, her boyfriend and his friend that live there both left so there was no male left. So we just talked to her for a little bit after then left and then peaced out. She has punched on a couple of set up visits so she may get dropped soon. So we shall see.
We started visiting that old man named Roberto again. Not gonna lie, I don't necessarily enjoy going over there. He cooks peppers in his oven, which is supposed to make your house smell glorious if done right, but he doesn't do it right. And then you add the cigarette smell and make it like 80 degrees and it is just pure torture. Plus, that man is going to die soon. I kid you not. He said the doctor told him that his heart is like a balloon the way it inflates and deflates but he just keeps on smoking away. He isn't allowed to leave his house because of his heart... so he just sits at home smoking. Ugh. We shall see how he comes along. He doesn't comprehend anything... but we'll see.
We met with another girl we knocked into a couple weeks ago. She didn't have a male home so we just talked to her for like 10 minutes by the door about the Book of Mormon and set up a time we could come back. She has super potential though! So stay tuned on her!
On Wednesday night we were sitting outside of Larry's waiting for him to get home when we got a phone call. It was a strange number but I answered it anyway. Turns out, it was this guy that pulled over on the road one day and talked to the missionaries the transfer before I got here. They were never able to meet but he called wanting a ride to church on Sunday! Well, he didn't get out of bed on Sunday morning so he didn't come to church, but that was still pretty legit. Hopefully he can make it next week.
Also, we have started meeting with this lady named Atanya. She lives in the apartment complex right next to us. We just met and had a little Bible study this week but we are planning on starting to teach her this week! She is an absolutely awesome lady! I hope she is interested in our message because she would make a phenomenal member of the branch here!
So a couple of other highlights... we had district meeting on Tuesday here in Sweetwater, and we always get there pretty early so that we can get it unlocked and get the heater going and stuff. So I was just screwing around singing hymns very emphatically in the chapel with the microphone on. Well, I was singing "Nearer My God To Thee" when I didn't hear the sisters walk in. So I looked up and saw them standing in the chapel doorway just looking at me like I was a freak (which I am) and then just busted up laughing at me.
Our water heater went out on Monday night. So we had no hot water until halfway through Wednesday. We heated some water on the stove to wash our hair with but it still sucked.
I got to give Bro. Patton a blessing on Friday, which was crazy. He is probably one of the greatest men alive so giving him a blessing was one of the most humbling experiences I have had! Holy cow! Then on Saturday night I gave a blessing to the Weldy's daughter because she is sick. I have now given 5 blessings I think and have anointed for a few more. Good stuff right there.
I love this place so much! I don't want to leave Sweetwater! I will most likely stay another transfer but you still never know! I would love to stay another! These peeps are like my family now! This branch has so many awesome, unique people!
Elder Reed Ericson

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