Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Howdy peeps... I definitely had a different kind of week here this week! Lots of fun though!
I will answer Taco Carl's questions in this email. So, he asked about if we spend much time knocking doors and such. So basically our days are usually planned by the hourish. We usually have a person planned to go try to visit and then a backup or two. As we are walking/riding around to their houses, we talk to anybody who is outside. These people who we talk to outside are then put into our pool of people we can go try at a later date if they are interested at all and we usually try to set up a specific time we can stop by. If none of the two or three people answer the door then we usually spend the rest of the time walking/riding around finding people to talk to. But now that its cold, nobody is outside so we usually have to knock on a few doors here and there. And then throw in an occasional appointment with someone we have already met with (those range from 0-2 a day) and you have a normal day. And now with a car we basically do the same thing but we can just go try more people and get around faster. But we still try to be out on the streets as much as possible.
For dinners, we usually get fed once or twice a week. The past few weeks it has only been once a week because the Patton's have been busy with surgery and stuff. We would usually get fed by the Patton's after we did service for them on Friday's and then we get fed about 3 Sundays a month by the Thompson's because she is on call for work the other Sunday. The other days we just eat at our apartment for dinner. We have an hour for dinner so we usually eat and then E Stringham takes a nap (I used to as well) and I usually read an Ensign or something. For lunch, Sis Bishop feeds us on Thursdays and we go to this little place here in Sweetwater called Bee's. For the other days we just eat at our apartment. We also have an hour for lunch and we do the same thing as dinner.
On New Year's Eve we did have to go in early. We had to be in at 6pm. We had a lot of fun! We played "The Logo Board Game" for a couple hours. I won obviously. Totally slaughtered the competition. It was sick.

This week was crazy for a number of reasons! Our p-day on Monday was cut a couple hours short because we went to go help an investigator move. I think I have told you about her. Her name is Erica. She has lived in a trailer with this guy for a few years but finally was getting the crap out of there. That place was a mess. We loaded all her stuff up and helped her move it into her apartment. She had another friends there helping her. He is a way legit guy and lives in our apartment complex so we are hoping to see him around and hopefully teach him! Anyway, that moving job took up most of our evening and was def a little interesting.
We had district meeting on Tuesday here in Sweetwater. Nothing spectacular besides the fact that the weather was turning really bad. But anyway, after district meeting we started exchanges. The district leader stayed here in Sweetwater with me this week! So we went about and did the work. But here's the kicker, the roads were so bad that we were told to not travel back to Abilene on Wednesday. So instead of a 24 hour exchange, we had a 48 hour exchange! It was pretty sick! I learned so much from being with a different missionary and I really took a lot from that exchange! I am definitely happy I got an extra day! Another cool thing about my district.... we have an Elder that is a former Cosmo Cougar! He did some sick tricks at the Jingle Jam and it has been revealed that he was Cosmo!

 But the main story of this past week was the weather! From Tuesday through Friday we had real stinky weather. The thing about Texas cold is that there is ice in the air. I kid you not. There is ice in the air. I will walk outside and have a tiny layer of ice on my glasses in a few minutes! And everything just gets COVERED in ice! Like, thick thick ice! I have some really cool pics that I will send home with my SD Card once I get my other one back (btw, where is that sucker?). And its hilarious because nobody knows how to drive in it! There was one point on Wednesday when we were walking around when we stopped and just listened and we could hear cars/trucks from every direction with engines revving and tires spinning out! People would make it halfway up a mini hill and just be stuck and have to back all the way down the hill! We saw so many people just stuck in the middle of the road not going anyway! I wanted to just laugh my butt off every single time but I couldn't do it right in from of them! It was honestly like I was watching Comedy Central! I guess it could have been the same for us, but lucky for us we have a Jeep and we literally have zero problems in that thing. We tested it a little bit on some hills and that sucker it a beast! Almost zero slide! I only biffed it three times throughout the week, so I felt pretty good about that. Sure, I fell more than the people I was with, but I was proud of myself for only falling three times!
We taught a couple lessons this week. We met with Paul again and covered the same thing we covered the last two times. He is finally understanding prophets! Remember that one night that we called the cops on the people on the other side of the wall? Yeah, well we are teaching the girl now. She is real nice and friendly. We had a real good first lesson with her and we had a return appointment but their car was gone and nobody answered the door. The good thing about her though is that we always know if they are home not because there parking space is two spots down from ours and we can know if they are home or not! It was weird because I haven't taught anybody that we can actually have a legit lesson with. All the people we have taught need super basic lessons. But with her now and Erica we have two people that can actually think about things and comprehend! We can actually ask legit questions and get legit answers! Oh how glorious it will be!

 Anyway, that's all for this week! I hope y'all have a good one! I hear it is icy and stuff up in good ol' Idaho so be careful! It is all dry down here now but I wouldn't be surprised if we got some more ice sometime soon!

Elder Reed Ericson

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