Monday, February 23, 2015


Well everyone, it’s that time again. I am sitting at this computer emailing y'all.

I don't have much to say today. Not too much happened this week. Our week was pretty much going to try potential investigators and on the streets finding people. We tied my career best for finds in a week. Except my previous best was during "He Is The Gift" and finding was a little different. We could count people we knocked into as finds so we knocked a lot. However this week we were just able to talk to a lot of people outside because it was nice all week. Also, I don't know how many missions use "finds" as a key indicator. But we have to really emphasize that area of our work here in this mission. We can mark down a find if we talk to somebody, without knocking on a door, and share a unique doctrine (prophets, BoM, restored church) and invite them to do something (we usually just ask if there is a good time we could come back to share our message). Sometimes you have a good situation where you can share a mini message right there on the spot. But that is hard to come by. Usually people are busy and you only have a short amount of time to get a find out of it. So that’s that. So hopefully in the coming weeks we can turn some of these peeps into investigators! But this week we didn't have much success with that. We tried a lot of people we have talked to in the previous weeks, but nobody was home or answered their door. In fact, I don't know if we taught a single lesson this past week besides Larry. But we had some good conversations with people but no lessons.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges. I stayed in Sweetwater with Elder Johnson. I went on exchanges with a different Elder Johnson a little while back. So different guy. We had a good time and were able to put some good miles on the bikes! It is always fun to go on exchanges to just get a fresh feel for a day. They are just a ton of fun! And on Tuesday night we did a killer 20 minute ab workout! It was sweet! We went hard! He played volleyball in high school and is pretty legit. He played club ball and everything. He is from Las Vegas and he went to a high school where men’s volleyball was a big deal. He says he wants to play at Utah Valley and probably will because he knows the coach pretty good there and they have talked quite a bit. So that's cool.

On Tuesday night we went out to visit a referral we had gotten. You know, the one who we went on an 80 mile round trip to go see? Well, she lives like 8 miles away. Not bad at all. She lives out on this pretty cool land out in the country. They have over 300 acres of ranch at their house and then another 1000+ acres back a little ways to the east. It’s a pretty cool place out there. Her daughter married a returned missionary and that son-in-law’s little brother is on his mission right now and she gets all of his emails and stuff. She is a really nice lady and VERY talkative. Holy smokes. She said she is going to invite us to lunch at her place sometime so that we can have a visit. I'm pretty pumped for whatever food she is going to make us!

Cool story. So we were riding our bikes back to the car one day, and I decided to go a different route through some small streets with not very many houses on them. We never ride down those streets so I thought we should just for the heck of it. Well, apparently I was inspired on that one. I saw a lady in a motorized wheelchair in her yard just sitting there. I asked her if we could help with anything and she said that we could help her get unstuck from the mud! She is paralyzed from the waist down and she had been stuck in the mud for about two hours! The spirit inspires us to do things sometimes that are just random thoughts like, "let’s go down that road because we never ride down it". Cool stuff.

Now for the subject of my email! This week was beautiful all week! It was like 70 degrees and just perfect weather. However, I think Thursday or Friday it got up over 80 degrees so it was a little hot. But then, yesterday morning started off at 41 degrees before church. After church it was 36. After lunch it was about 30 and by dinner time it was 25 degrees! And this morning it is 20 degrees with a layer of snow/ice on the ground! Crazy stuff!

As far a teaching goes. Not much. We visited Erica for about 45 mins one night when it was nice outside. We didn't teach her at all but what she needs right now is just some good stable people to visit with that are good examples for her. So that’s what we are.

We also visited for about 30 minutes with this man that we actually met a few months ago. We found him sitting on his steps in front of his house a few days prior and he said that he had actually read half of the BoM before. He is a really nice guy and so he said he was off work on the weekend. So we stopped by. We couldn't teach him anything because he pretty much talked for the whole 30 mins... I feel like that happens a lot these days. But this guy is 66 years old and looks like he is a 40 year old in crazy good shape! Its nuts!

We keep on meeting with Paul and little Paul. We have officially ran out of things to teach them that won't go straight over their heads. So we are repeating stuff now. Nothing new there.

And we are still just teaching Larry his post-baptism lessons. Nothing new there either.

Now time for food! On Thursday Sis. Bishop took us to Buck's Steaks and BBQ. I had the New York Strip steak that cost $27. YUMMY!!!!! And then last night we were visiting with some Mexican less-active members in our branch and they invited us over for dinner on Friday! So that is going to be amazing stuff! I haven't had any authentic Mexican food yet! Also, I realized that the reason that I always run out of money at the end of the month is because we never get fed. Most missionaries get fed almost every dinner and some get lunches a lot too. Well this week we had one lunch provided for us and no dinners. So I have to buy a lot more food than the average missionary. Plus, if you want to eat anything decent at all... you have to spend a little extra money to get something that will sustain you. I actually bought a bag of chicken last week. Well, that put a major dent in my monthly allowance. But I am trying to eat a little better meals but it is hard to when you are on $135 a month. And that doesn't go very far when you have to buy soaps, razor blades, etc., and also buy 25ish dinners and 25+ lunches and 30 breakfast and a few snacks to munch on when you are out working. Anyway, that’s that.

I hope y'all have a good week! Keep it real.

Elder Ericson

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