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March 2, 2015
Hello my dear family and friends! Another crazy-ish week here in Sweetwater! We only have one more week left of this transfer and it has just flown by like crazy! If feels like it started last week!
So to hit on the subject of my email... I have known this for a long time but never told y'all because I just never thought about it. But, my district leader is a former Cosmo Cougar! He went to BYU for a year before he came out and spent that year dressed up in a Cosmo costume. Obviously he isn't supposed to tell anyone, but his mom told Sis. Heap and then she basically told everyone in the mission. And since we all knew he confirmed it and has talked a little bit about it. So that's pretty cool.
Wanna hear something really depressing. So some weeks I let myself get a treat to enjoy throughout the week. Sometimes it is a roll of cinnamon rolls, sometimes it’s a box of Nutty Bars, and this past week it was a pack of Oreos. However, much to my displeasure, when I got home and opened up the pack, I realized that I had purchased single stuffed Oreos...................... I. Was. Ticked. They are hardly even Oreos. You hardly even can tell there is any cream there! So that blew chunks.
As far as the weather goes... this past week was pretty nuts. It started out cold. In fact, when we got back to the car after emailing last week it was 16 degrees. It got a little bit nicer over the next few days and then another storm came through and it has been around 20-30 degrees the last 4 days or so. Apparently the weather men straight up say that there is no way for them to predict the weather and the forecast apparently changes every couple hours. We've heard that there is supposed to be another storm on Wednesday but we've also heard that it is supposed to warm up during the week. Nobody knows. They even cancelled church yesterday, so that was weird. So we just had a regular day of work.
Another cool thing, we knocked one of the rich streets in town. Missionaries never go back there because there is never success with them. But we had nothing else to do when it was like 20 degrees outside so we went and knocked out a street with a bunch of really nice houses! It was fun... a couple people were nice-ish but had zero interest. Plus, my "what are you doing to prepare yourself for the second coming?" approach was a total bust. I thought it would be pretty fun, and it was, but people don't seem to be worried about preparing themselves for it. Whatevs. I'll have to come up with another clever approach and see how it does.
We actually got to teach some peeps this week! We did our usual teaching with Larry and Paul. But we finally were able to contact and teach Ruban who was last mentioned a few weeks ago! He really wants to build his relationship with God and even after a terrible lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (well, he didn't know it was terrible) he asked us when he could get baptized! So we set a goal date of March 28 so we'll see how he comes along. I think he has a long way to go but we can get him there!

We also got two new investigators! We talked to this guy working on his car late in the week two weeks ago and he just said to come by Thursday at 4ish. So we did and just expected for him to not be there because he seemed zero interested when we talked to him and usually those people will just give you a time to show up and them not be there. But we showed up and he was expecting us! He even has his wife come and sit down with us around the kitchen table and we had a really good Restoration lesson with them and they had lots of really good questions for us afterwards. Their names are Conse and Jessica. They set up another appointment without us even really asking and even mentioned setting up a third appointment but weren't quite sure when they could do it. So they are super solid! And they have two little kids, but they aren't baptism age. But they are a family and those are the best to teach apparently.
Also I told you about that returned missionary a couple weeks ago that showed up to church. Well, he hasn't showed up since and when we went over to the house he was staying at they said that he wasn't staying there anymore and he didn't respond to any texts. But, I called him on Thursday evening and started to leave a message when all of a sudden I was receiving a call and it was him calling us before we even were able to leave a message! So we are going to go see him this week! That was a miracle!
As far as food goes, we had a delicious Mexican meal on Friday! I totally forgot that they do meals differently. So we sat down (just us missionaries) and started eating this soup stuff which was really good. It took me about 30 seconds to remember that it was just the first course! I was confused for just a second as to why that was what we had for dinner. But then we were brought some homemade flautas that were REALLY good and then had some really good pumpkin roll stuff for dessert! It was my first authentic Mexican meal out here in Texas and it was fantastic! They are pretty awesome people and I really hope I get to stay another transfer because I am just starting to get to know them... and they mentioned us coming over for dinner again... and we are getting pretty tight now.
Anyway, that's all I have for this week. I hope y'all have a good one! I love y'all!
Elder Reed Ericson

Pic #1: Sweet icicle from right outside our apartment

Pic #2: I really regret not knocking on this house. That would have been a good story....

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