Monday, March 23, 2015


March 23, 2015

Well hello my good friends. It’s that time of week again where is sit down at the computer and spit my brains out with random nonsense. Just kidding. It’s random, but not nonsense.... usually.

Well I was trying to think about a subject for this email, and that subject randomly came into my head. Don't really know how it applies, but I did think of something that kinda applies. So we are getting these little black boxes attached to the inside of our windshield from the insurance company. Apparently they monitor your driving and tell you when you are driving unsafely. I think that you can then save on insurance for good driving. Well, I have a feeling that this may backfire on them. Sure, we drive carefully and all, however we are still 18-21ish year olds driving out on the road. We are bound to have to slow down quickly or swerve to not hit a dog or something (or deer... that happened to me a couple weeks ago. Big ol' deer went flying across the road at night. I had to put the brakes on pretty dang hard. It was pretty sweet). So this should be interesting. At least we will be much more accountable to go the speed limit since they can track our speeds and such. In fact, one of our zone leaders got pulled over for going 14 over on the freeway a few weeks ago! Hahaha! Don't worry, I don't speed in mission vehicles! So that’s cool. Speaking of cars. So we had to get one of our tires repaired about a month ago because it had a nail in it. And then today that same tire had to be repaired again because there was a nail in it. And on Thursday we had to go get our windshield replaced because it had a crack in it. And then last week our car told us that it needed an oil change. So Jeepy isn't being very kind to us right now. Ugh.

Anyway, other interesting/hilarious news. Last Monday we got a call from one of the assistants and they told us that they had been notified by the church after they sent our baptism report in that Larry is already a baptized member of the church! Hahahaha! He told us that he had been baptized twice before in Big Spring, which is just an hour or two down the road, but didn't make the connection. Which is weird, because me and Elder Stringham prayed a lot to know if we needed to baptize Larry or not and we both got a very distinct answer to go ahead and do it! So we must have done it for a reason. Not sure what that reason is, but we did. They told us that it was totally fine though and said, "Good reactivation effort guys!". So I was pretty pumped about that.

We had a pretty good storm one night last week. It started raining pretty good after we came inside for the night, and as I was lying in bed with my eyes open for a few mins I saw a sharp flash of light coming through the blanket that covers the window that is right above my bed. And then just a split second after the lightning came the sharpest roar of thunder I have ever heard! Back at home we would get some pretty good thunder that shook the whole house, but that stuff was deep sounding. This was a really sharp crack that basically shook the apartment! It was nuts! And I am right against the wall to the outside of the apartment and am right underneath a window so I got a pretty good feel of it! That was the only lightning or thunder for the night, which was odd, but I woke up at 4:30 to some lightning and some pretty good thunder. Apparently we are getting to the time of year where we'll get some pretty good thunder storms around these parts. I am PUMPED!!!!

We had interviews with President Heap this week. My interview went pretty well! Our zone leaders didn't tell us to prepare anything and said that they hadn't heard of anything for us to prepare for, so we just went unprepared for anything. But come to find out when I sat down with President, we were supposed to prepare to share and teach him something we've studied in Preach My Gospel recently and then also teach him something from the scriptures. I did a pretty beast job for not preparing anything! And usually with interviews he just has the same interview over and over again and they usually aren't very long. But I was in there with him for over 20 minutes, compared to other missionaries who sometimes only go about 5 minutes. So we had a good visit and I feel pretty special that I got a little bit more of an interaction with him that most. He is the man! He is no doubt called of God to do the work he does!

So just a few funny quotes from the last couple of weeks over at Dianne's. So she has a friend that has been coming with us for the last month or two. Two weeks ago when we were over there, I sang something, can't remember what it was, and she just said, "Oh gosh... you sound like a sick cat." hahahaha! And then last week we were talking about something, can't remember what, and she looked and pointed at me and said, "I'd like to see this one as a woman." hahahahahahaha! I died with laughter. And for those of you who don't remember who these people are, they live at a house for special needs people so they all have different types of disabilities. Its great fun going over there! I have so many funny quotes from here in Sweetwater! I even started a quote book. So far it has about a million hilarious Bro Patton quotes, but it will get some diversity here throughout the rest of my mission. I just am not quite sure if anywhere else has anyone like Bro Patton! That man is FUNNY!

We got two new investigators this week! Finally. Both are interesting cases. One is this guy named Troy. He says that his relationship with Jesus Christ is just about as good as it can get right now and that nothing can make it stronger. We may be having a lesson on humility with him soon. Some people just amaze me. And then we taught this other lady named Melissa and she is just really interested in learning about different religions but not big into practicing organized religion. She is a really nice lady and gladly accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. In fact, when we showed up, she was sitting on her porch reading a book about Islam! So she is just very interested in learning stuff so hopefully she can find truth! We also are teaching a girl in our branch who is turning 8 this week. Her mom wants her to learn everything and have "more Jesus" in her life. Haha her mom is hilarious.... anyway, so that’s fun teaching an 8 year old. And then we have the usuals that we teach including mainly Larry and Paul. We mostly just go over and visit Erica these days but are trying to add some teaching into it. She had just stopped doing anything we invited her to do and such but she needs good solid friends to talk to so we fill that role and add some spiritual stuff to it.

Now for the food update. Pretty solid week this past week! I had my first chicken pot pie! It was quite delicious! Sis Hunt is famous for her pot pies and I got to partake of one! Very good! We also had Mahi-Mahi at the Patton's! Boy was that good! I haven't had too much fish but Mahi-Mahi is apparently one of the best fishes to eat! It was blackened with some sort of cajun spice that basically made you cry and not able to breath when you were in the kitchen while she was cooking. But it tasted amazing so the tears were well worth it. We also had homemade lasagna at the Thompsons. My goodness was that amazing as well. I have always been a store bought lasagna kind of guy but this stuff blows it out of the water! And yes, I have had store bought lasagna recently. I have bought a few like two serving sized lasagna's for dinners. But this homemade crock-pot lasagna is unreal. Also, we will be helping the Relief Society with their booth at the Taste of Sweetwater event here in a couple weeks. This thing has been described as "a buffet on steroids" by the local newspaper. All the local restaurants go and give away free samples of food. They said that we would get a free meal ticket so I am pumped to have endless options of amazing Texas food!

That's all for this week! I hope y'all have a good one and may God bless you as you go about your days doing good!

Elder Reed Ericson

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