Monday, April 27, 2015


April 27, 2015

First off, I have a lot to say this week so I am going to have to go really short with a lot of my things and everything will be scattered and random. So bear with me.

Leaving Sweetwater was easier than I thought it was going to be! Once you know you are getting transferred you just get excited to get to your new area! I went around and said bye to some people on Monday evening but nothing to eventful. I got pics with some peeps like Sis Green and Dianne so you will be able to see them. They are both pretty famous. 

They are doing member transport for transfers now so the transfer bus is going bye bye! But the daughter of the guy that drove us half-way to Lubbock had his daughter with him and she is going to the Idaho Nampa mission here in a month or two! So me and Elder Chung Hee (from Mtn Home) were able to give her a lot of info about the area! So look out for Sis Hickmont in a few months! Maybe she'll serve in the good ol' K5!

 So my area, Frenship Mesa North, is on the West side of Lubbock. Like, the very west side of Lubbock. It is all spread out. There is a neighborhood here, neighborhood there, etc. Bike day is impossible for us to do so we drive around every day. Most of the area is middle class or upper class with some lower class mixed in. But most of it is middle and upper. I would prefer lower class but you have to play with the hand you're dealt! Our apartment is actually across the street from our area as well so we have to get across a 7 lane road to get over to it. Our apartment is flipping nice! We live in the Tuscany Place Luxury Apartments! The name says it all!

 We see the Frenship South missionaries like every day. We ride with them to morning sports and stuff. One of them is Elder Johnson who was in my district two transfers ago and I had an exchange with him in Sweetwater. So that’s cool. Also, my district leader is Elder Wallace who I went out the Tuesday when I got to the field. He has been in that same area the whole time! So that’s cool too.

 My companion is Elder Jones, he is from Logan. He is a good time! He is an interesting sort of funny but it’s always fun! We always have some crazy doctrinal discussions during comp study! He is really smart and finds these crazy questions that ruin his studies because he spends the whole time trying to find answers to crazy questions... and usually finds them. One question from the other day... "Does God have weaknesses?". Well he found the answer. And it is yes. We get deep.

 It seems like everyone in the ward here knows Kuna! Bishop Merrill grew up in Idaho and his wife has been to Kuna, some other guy is from Mtn Home, and this other guy's wife has two nephews that live in Kuna! It is quite bizarre. 

 It is a lot different being in a ward compared to a branch! Everything works differently. We actually have a ward mission leader and everything just works differently! I miss the branch life!

 We have been doing tons of service! This past week we got 10 hours which is the max hours we are allowed to get! I will tell you more about our projects that we have going on in the coming weeks! No time today.

 I had some crazy deja vu while we were teaching these less-actives this week. Even all the thought going through my head were just spot on. I really feel like I saw that moment in a dream before I left on my mission. I even had the thought about being in the Texas Lubbock Mission and being in Frenship Mesa run though my head and I felt like I had that moment before. It was some monster deja vu. So I def feel like I am supposed to be here in this area right now! 

 We drive Sis Heap's old car. It is a red 2014 Toyota Carolla! It is pretty sick! 

 Well my friends, sorry for this crazy email. I had a lot of things to say and not enough time! I hope y'all have a good week!

Elder Reed Ericson

My new address:
6312 73rd St #814
Lubbock, TX 79424

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