Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lubbock Swag

May 26, 2015

Hello everyone! It was a fun week here in Lubbock! I don't have too much time today so I'll cut right to the chase!
So, I totally ran and won a 5K yesterday! The church put on a memorial day 5K so almost all of the missionaries here in town ran. They had to postpone the race from 9 to 10 because of lightning and ended up cancelling the race altogether at 10. Well, President Heap said that the pioneers in the Willy and Martin handcart companies endured much much worse so he decided that we would do a TLM run! So, with nobody else there, we took off running in the rain and lightning! I stayed towards the front for the first mile or so. One missionary was super determined and took off like a jack rabbit. I was running with two other elders and we made our way up to about 3rd place behind a single missionary and another dude that was running with us that wasn't a missionary. Well, at about the mile mark we passed up the single missionary and started to gain on the other dude. At the halfway turnaround point I ditched the two missionaries I was with and decided to take on the other dude. So I ran right next to him for like 30 seconds before he died and I was all of a sudden all by myself! I finished the last half of the race all by myself with a pretty solid lead on everyone! I ran the (not quite a full) 5K course in a little over 23 minutes with about a 30 second lead on everyone! Not too shabby. I wasn't even very tired when I finished. I felt quite nice. My shins hurt a little but that was it! I forgot how to mentally and physically run a race like that so I didn't push myself like I used to be able to. Plus, I had to dig deep into my soul to motivate myself to keep kickin' butt. But anyway, it was a lot of fun! Everyone was drenched to the bone after the race and everyone was in good spirits unlike a typical 5k when everyone is ticked off at life. Gotta love that 5k life. 

The weather has just been super stormy lately. There seemed to be a low pressure system all week last week. Apparently El Nino happened this year so it’s been cold and wet. We have hardly been into the 90's and most days are 70's-80's. Its just been perfect temperature. So if it doesn't rain it is just very pleasant! I thought I was going to be in scorching hot weather by now but I have had very few hot days so far! I can't complain!

Well, I got two “aggressive drivings” this week. One was because I wasn't paying any attention and almost ran a red light and had to apply the brakes very firmly. Got dinged for that. The other one came going through and intersection going to the 5K yesterday because the intersection sucked and was all bumpy with dips and stuff. So stupid. I shouldn't get an aggressive driving for going 5 under through an intersection in a city. Oh well, my driving record is pretty clean still. I don't think I'm even close to becoming a yellow driver. I think I am pretty safely a green driver! 

Not much else happened this week! We did get taught by this JW. We taught him the Resto a couple weeks ago which was proceeded by him teaching us about the last days. Then we went back and he taught us about how we cease to exist when we die and some other stuff. He pretty much just dominated the convo. We backed him into a corner a couple times with some questions but he would just talk for about 10 minutes at a time. It was really hard to get out of there. We were there for a long time. We told him we'd stop by again to share some stuff about what we believe about what happens when we die, so we'll see if we even get around to that. Real nice guy though. Also, we have a less-active lady who is married to a non-member. He has finally started to open up to missionaries more in just the last little bit, especially since I've been here, and he has brought up something about there being three heavens to his wife and he was extremely surprised when she told him that our church teaches about that. Apparently he wasn't very happy at the fact that she never told him about that. So, we had an appointment for yesterday for dinner and a lesson, but they had a small emergency and had to go somewhere so they cancelled. But there is tons of potential there to get the whole family to church! We taught a whopping 4 lessons this week! I can't even think of where all those 4 came from... some of them were more formal than others. That's the best week I've had in Lubbock so far!

So, some good food updates for y'all. I have found that city food isn't like the small town food. Most of the time members just feed us regular good meals instead of mouth party meals like in Sweetwater. Also, I went to a place called Brian's Steaks last week and had the Texas Tornado burger. It was crazy good. It has a THICK patty that is made with cheese and jalapenos. It was fantastic! Also, the lunch buffet at Double Dave's Pizzaworks is amazing as well! They have these pepperoni rolls that are like heaven on earth. And their desert pizza is amazing. Best pizza buffet I've experienced by a long shot! 

Anyway, that's all I have for y'all this week. I hope y'all have a good week! I have a long list of peeps I'll be praying for from this past week! Y'all know who you are! I can't express how much love I have for y'all and I thank you so much for all your support and prayers on my behalf!
Elder Reed Ericson

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