Monday, June 22, 2015

8 months...TODAY!!!

June 22, 2015

Well today I hit my 8 month mark in the TLM! Time def flies by when you're having fun!

This week was just an average week for us here in Frenship Mesa North. We met a couple of crazy people though. One of them turned out to be a decently cool experience. We were just out street contacting for a little while one evening and actually saw some people outside a little ways down one street so we went over that way. We started talking to them and before we really said anything this one creepy looking dude asked us who we were/what we did. So we told him and he told us to tell him what we share about Jesus Christ. People ask that sometimes and I have learned that you can't just go ahead and teach regular missionary stuff. So I cut my companion off a little bit (not too bad) and started asking him questions to get a better feel for what he was looking for. After a couple minutes he really got emotional and started to ask why God has put him through 9 years of hell and why God won't show himself to him or give him a sign he's there. Boom. Got it to somewhere that we could work with. So I started to answer his questions and even introduced him to the Book of Mormon and applied it to his situation. He thanked us and wanted us to pray with him and the two other people who were there as well. So we did a classic stand in a circle and hold hands prayer and he asked me to say it. So I prayed my little heart out and my new friend RJ thanked me and said that he definitely felt different and that it helped him recognize that God was there. So that was a sweet experience. He took the BoM and we encouraged him to keep praying and whatnot and he didn't have a way for us to contact him again so we left him and probably won't ever see him again. But we did our job and the rest is in the Lord's hands to take care of my friend RJ.

I made another connection to back home this week. Imagine that! We went to try to meet a less-active lady and ended up sitting on the porch of her mobile home with her and her neighbors for a little while. All interesting people to say the least. But her neighbor had lived in Nampa for a few years not too long ago and worked out in Caldwell. I don't think he lived too crazy far away from us! He couldn't really describe where he lived at (once again, he was a little interesting) but I think it may have been in the southern half of Nampa. I'm sure I'll run into another connection this week. I also made more connections with the Marshall family this week as well. They moved here from Nampa a couple months ago and they were in the same ward as a couple families that I know and I even know one of their former baby-sitters! 

We have been going hard on trying to contact less-actives. We actually were able to get in contact with probably about 5 this week which is pretty solid! Everyone was nice and stuff but nobody really seemed to want us to come back and work with them. So we'll use some persistence and see what we can do! Other than that we walked a lot this week and even wrote down a couple of potentials. One or two of them seemed a little off but we will see what we can do with them! 

I guess the highlight of the week was last night. We went and had a wonderful visit with the Omar and his family again! It was a solid two hour visit! I have found that the best way to go about it with them is to let the Lord take the conversation to what it needs to be. So after a couple minutes we were talking about temples, and after that the Lord guided us into a conversation about a story in the Book of Mormon, which then led into a more general teaching about the Book of Mormon as a whole, which then led to us teaching the Restoration with some solid power and spirit! It was sick. One of the best lessons I've taught on my mission hands down! Omar was just staring at us with big eyes just like last week. They were all just sitting there basically blown away. And with the discussion we had leading up to it and with our lesson last week it just all made sense and had a lot of "why" behind it. The spirit was there for probably over an hour and a half during the entire time we had gospel related discussion and you could see it working with Omar and whoever was in the room at the moment the entire time! They committed to pray about everything and hopefully it all goes well and we have another good visit next week!

Guess what? I have some food to tell you about this week! Last night we were fed some delish smoked ribs and chicken! They were dang good! I don't think I have had smoked chicken yet until last night so that was a wonderful thing for me to partake of! I need to get into this smoking business when I get home, however I probs won't be able to do it as good....

Well that will be all for me today. I am starting to have less and less things to talk about. I think there are a lot of things that I used to put in my emails that I just don't even think about anymore when I think about what I'm going to write. But I love y'all and hope y'all have a good week! God Bless America!


Elder Reed Ericson

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