Monday, June 1, 2015

Wonderful Weather of Texas

June 1, 2015

Well hello my good friends. Its a pleasure to be with you again this week! I hope you don't get too bored with my increasingly uneventful emails.

Well as some of you are aware of we received transfer calls on Saturday night. I will be staying here in Frenship Mesa North and will be getting a new companion named Elder Parkon or something like that. I don't think he's been out too long because nobody seemed to know who he was. He is coming from Roswell and that's all I know! I believe he is at least a couple transfers out of training though because they didn't say I was "follow-up" training or anything. So we'll see. I guess I will find out more tomorrow when he gets here! I am excited to stay another transfer here though because the ward is super duper awesome and I am excited to be the roll-over companion and just do whatever I want for the area to get it going. It was hard this past transfer to get stuff going but I now have a fresh start to basically start from scratch (while still keeping the things we do have going) and get to work!

So everybody is having a cow these days about the weather in this part of the country! It has been quite eventful. We've just had cool, stormy weather for the past month or so! We seem to have a storm every day! And we never just get rain. If it rains, there is also lightning and thunder! On Thursday we had quite a fun time actually. There were I think four storms that rolled through. The first one hit as we were leaving the food bank and our drive home was crazy! Luckily I was in the back seat since we were carpooling and the other guys were driving! You could hardly see out the windshield with the wipers going full blast and the roads were just flooded! Most of the drive was on a road with 7 lanes (3 both ways with a turning lane) and we had to be in the far left lane of our side because the outside 2 lanes were just a river! The drainage system around these parts is the roads! We had to drive through an intersection that was probably literally filled with over a foot of water! It was quite an eventful drive home! It was so dark outside that all the street lights were on! We were told that this past month of May was the wettest month in the recorded history of Texas weather! We haven't had any tornadoes in this area though. I think there may have been one out in the country a ways away but I'm not sure. We are under tornado watch like 24/7 but that doesn't mean anything. Its only a problem when it becomes a tornado warning and I don't think we've had one of those yet. We did have a flash flood warning though on Thursday on our way home from the food bank. We received the weird text thingy from the national weather service or something like that. But we survived. Half of our roads weren't drivable for a couple days but we managed.

Elder Corbridge of the Seventy was here this weekend and came to our sacrament meeting. He also had a fireside/devotional thingy on Saturday night.  Here's something cool, our stake president, who is also in our ward along with every other stake person, is like the great-grandson of President Spencer W. Kimball I believe. He may not be, but he is of THE Kimball family. His great-something-grandpa is Heber C. Kimball and his father was a law school professor somewhere (possibly BYU - maybe you know him, Dad) and was a federal judge. So he's pretty legit and is an awesome guy!

We did a little teaching this week. We continue to blow Gerald Fitzgerald's mind. Its quite fun. He thinks we are just amazing with our scriptural knowledge and we know all these things when in reality we share with him pretty basic scriptures. We blew his mind with prophets and apostles and shared some stuff from Ephesians with him. Haha its pretty sweet. He's basically converted but he just has way too many things in the way. We also went over while I was on exchanges this week and visited a former investigator who I had only read with in the past. I decided we were just going to teach her and her granddaughter who lives with her the Resto and it worked out quite nicely! It was a great lesson and they have decent potential! We have a few people we have some good potential with so I am excited for the next couple weeks to see these things unfold!

That's all I have for ya this week! I love y'all and hope God blesses you with many wonderful things this week! 

Elder Reed Ericson

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