Tuesday, July 7, 2015

God Bless America

July 6, 2015

Hello everyone! It was a pretty good week here in Lubbock! We had some good fun and the work was decent! And the weather is staying in the double digits, so that's been a blessing!

 I will begin by telling you all about my 4th of July! So, we started off the day by going out for just about an hour or so in the morning. But then we joined the other elders in our ward and visited a crazy recent convert lady in our ward. Hahaha she is just a good time! She is a bit older but she just says the funniest things ever! Plus, her name is Sis Hollywood so the last name just adds a nice effect to her. So that was a good time. After that we went and prepared ourselves for our party! The Heaps and the assistants planned a fun afternoon for us missionaries in Lubbock at the mission office out under the gazebo/in the field. We ate hot dogs and stuff and then we had some "olympics". They preassigned us into 4 teams and we played a variety of games. We started with the water balloon toss, which me and one of my teammates, Elder Pulsipher, failed miserably at. So that was upsetting. Then we played water balloon volleyball and our team made it to the championship game and had an 8-3 lead in a game to 11.................... and we lost. Ugh. Talk about a comeback. That was stupid. Still can't believe we lost. After that we played tug-of-war. Our team cleaned up our first opponent before losing in the championship. Booooo. Then we went to scripture charades. Pretty sure we tied for the win in that one. I was a little worried about our team because I didn't feel like we had the scripture powerhouses, but we fared pretty well! Then we ended with a sweet relay race, which my team won! So my team, the white team, probably won the overall team prize. They didn't award anything to us, even though they said they were gonna keep track of team points. Oh well. I know in my heart that we won and that's all that matters. A trophy would be nice, but I am good with knowing that we won in my heart. We then had about an hour where we just played some different games in the field and threw the football around a little bit. Good fun. So after all this which took place over about 4 hours, we still had 3 hours left before we had to go home at 9. So we all went to the church and had some different stuff going on. I took part in some intense basketball! We had three teams of two playing half-court and if you scored the other team would come on and play defense. I was playing with Elder Darby, who you don't know, and we were tearing it up. We were both ballin' hard. I was stroking it like crazy. I hit a couple sick 3's and had some gnarly moves to the hoop and some smooth post moves. And my defense was on lock-down. Both of the assistants are really good at basketball and I just locked them up. One of them is just a sick outside shooter and I could shut him down, but the other one is a nice driver and finisher and I had a little bit harder time with him. But still, I was doing work. I got the best workout I have gotten my entire mission by far playing ball! Holy cow, we were all dying! Then we ended up the night by playing "signs" which is a favorite here in Lubbock right now. All in all, it was an exhausting day! We all went home that night ready to just sleep. In fact, I could barely get out of bed Sunday morning because I was so sore and achy. Oh well, I feel fine now. But it was nice to have a day to just get away from missionary work and just have fun! I think those are really good to have every once in a while! I had a fantastic day!

Other than that we didn't have too much go on this week. I went on exchanges with Elder Moschetti (my District Leader) on Tuesday/Wednesday. It was funny though because this is only his 5th transfer so I've been out longer than him. Pres Heap has called a lot of younger leaders to get experience (hence me training at 3 months). It was fun though, he's a good young missionary and is a good worker! So we had a good exchange and were able to talk a lot about missionary work and all that we're learning because we are both still at a point where we are both growing a lot. 

We had a good time at the Food Bank this week! One of the workers even took us to lunch one day! He wanted to thank us for helping him so much and for being his family the last couple months! He is one of the craziest people ever but he has a good heart. I will send my SD card home today and there are some pictures of him on there. In fact, I was sitting in a crate stacking cans and he came in with the forklift and picked me up in the crate. It was whatevs, but then he decided to raise me up and stack me on top of two other crates! So I was sitting in a crate that was the top of a three crate tower! Hahaha I'm pretty sure he could get fired if he got caught doing that but I had a fun ride! I was def scared for my life for a second, but it was totes safe. 

We were able to teach the Luna family last night. We taught them The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about why baptism was so important and I drew out an example of the strait and narrow path leading to the Celestial Kingdom and how baptism by proper priesthood authority is the only way to enter through the gate. They have a good understanding now of why it’s important to figure out if the BoM is a divine book because it’s the evidence that the necessary priesthood is here on the earth today. We also invited them to church and all the kids were nodding their heads that they wanted to go! So hopefully we can help them get to church this week!

That's about all for this week! We're staring week 6 of the transfer in the face right now so we're gonna attack it and have a good week! 

I love y'all and thank you for all your prayers and support! Don't die in the heat of Idaho! I will be chillin' out max and relaxin' all cool down here in double digits. Holler.

Have a good week! May the Lord bless you in all your doings.
Elder Ericson

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