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June 29, 2015

Well hello my good family and friends. It will be a pleasure to be with you today as I unfold my last week unto you. Actually, I don't have much to say this week. I guess I will try to make this puppy as good as possible and not bore you to death. 

So this week was actually pretty good as far as the work here in FMN! The Lord has been placing people in our path and just blessing us with new work! We taught three new people this week! We had one kinda ghetto dude just walk up to us in a trailer park and said that he had some girl missionaries talk to him a few months ago and wanted us to come back later that day to talk to him. Well, turns out they were Jehovah Witness's, but he didn't know the difference! We had a nice chat with him and based on his situation we decided to leave him some stuff to read instead of teaching him first. I felt like with his life it would be beneficial for him to read some stuff and figure it out for himself and then go back and talk to him more about it. We also have recently met his wife and they are both interested and just want to hear "the word" and thought that the Book of Mormon sounded pretty cool so they are now reading that together! They are pretty sweet so hopefully we can have a good week with them this week! There's not much about the others. We actually have a couple of appointments this week so I am excited for that! We haven't had appointments for a while! This is just such a tough area to work in so I am very pleased with even a couple appointments! We also met a sweet Muslim guy this week. He is a southern black dude but he has converted to Islam. We talked to him for about an hour and a half on his porch on Saturday and he said that he would possibly show up to church. He is pretty interested in different religions because he feels like we can all learn different things from each other. He didn't seem too interested in converting to anything new, but he was a nice guy and took a Book of Mormon and told us to stop by again to bring him other stuff to read. He's a pretty interesting guy! However, we didn't get a chance to teach Omar and his family last night. We even took a priest over there with us for the lesson, but they weren't home! 

So I hear the weather is scorching up in the great state of Idaho! Suckers. It has been getting warmer here but we are usually not even close to triple digits! Most days aren't too uncomfortable to be out and about! And we haven't had any storms in a while so that's nice! 

One of the things that President Heap is going on right now is rules. However, we actually don't even have rules in the TLM. Let me explain. We live by principles here. The white handbook isn't a book of rules. Every sections is a principle we live by and all the "rules" in the section are standards that apply to the principle. The way he goes about explaining everything is quite mind-blowing. He had us go through and he expounded some scripture unto us that just blew your mind. He used the word of wisdom as an example. He explained that the word of wisdom is a principle and not a rule. The principles of the commandment is to be healthy, be spirit sensitive, etc. There are some standards within the word of wisdom, however those things aren't what the word of wisdom is about. The word of wisdom isn't about not drinking alcohol, not smoking, etc.; it’s about living the principle. It’s all much greater than what I just explained, but he has basically taken away all rules and has said that we live the gospel and follow the principles in the white handbook! 

We had a fun dog experience this week! We were way out on some County Road knocking all the houses (there were only like 8 houses on a very long road, but we decided they needed the gospel too) and we got to the last house and I saw two signs posted on a pole. One read "Private Property: No Trespassing" and the other said "Beware of Dog". So naturally I decided to ignore the signs and walk up to the door while keeping an eye out for this dog that the sign apparently referred to. Well, I didn't see a dog anywhere, but as I was about 10 feet from the door I hear some movement to the left of the porch thing and I see a black dog arise and it had a look on its face commonly made when thinking about killing something. I nearly crapped myself. I literally thought I was going to die. I was sure of it. Bye-bye Elder Ericson. However I pulled some sweet dog intimidation moves (mainly just keeping eye contact and telling it to back up) and we backpedaled off the property while keeping our eyes locked on the dogs. There were two of them actually. However the second one was a wimp. We eventually made it to the dirt road and they still looked very protective. The wimpy one kept following us and decided that he was going to be our friend. And then the killer dog decided to join him as well. So about 30 seconds after almost getting killed, we had two of the most friendly dogs following us down the road. And they didn't leave either.... They probably followed us over a half mile until we came to a house with a big black dog that went chasing after them and our friends bolted like a flash of light back towards their house and we were finally free! So there's one fun event from my week!

Also, we had a member give us some insanely hot peppers a couple weeks ago. He gave us 4 ghost peppers and 4 carolina reapers. The ghost pepper used to be the hottest pepper in the world at 1.5 million skovel units until they made the genetically enhanced carolina reaper at 2.2 million skovel units. Well, last night I decided to take just a teeny tiny flake from the carolina reaper and eat it. Well, it was totally fine until it went down my throat and I nearly choked on heat and had to jump up and run to the fridge for some milk! Sheesh. I can't even imagine eating a whole pepper! I am keeping them in a plastic bag until I get home and then I will probably pay someone to eat one. And then I will record it and put it on YouTube. That would also make a good snapchat....

Well, once again I am sorry I am having less and less to talk about these days. I feel like my emails are getting lame. Oh well. 

I hope y'all have a good week! May God bless y'all in all that y'all do! He will provide! 

 LOL (lots of love),
Elder Reed Ericson  

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