Monday, July 27, 2015


July 27, 2015

Well hello my good family and friends. (I need a new intro to my emails. Oh well. It works.) Elder Ericson had a good week this week!
First off, I'd like to address the title of my email. SWEAT. Bike area + Texas heat + pants and collared shirt = sweaty missionary. In fact, on Friday I went through 3 shirts. I kid you not. We went out and walked for two hours before lunch without getting into any homes and I came in for lunch with solid sweat drenched shirt around where my bag strap runs through as well as a drenched lower back and collar. So I started fresh with another shirt for the afternoon and you can only imagine what 4.5 hours of biking/walking in even more heat will do to a shirt. And so I moved on to shirt number three for the evening and that puppy wasn't very pleasant by 9pm. So that was disgusting. I don't mind being sweaty, it’s a very manly thing. However, if we get in to teach someone and you have huge sweat marks all over your shirt that wouldn't be very pleasant for them to see. Plus, when it dries when you go inside it leaves yellow marks on the edges of the sweat so then you have an even more nasty looking shirt. So that's been fun. At least I don't have to deal with the humidity that Kevin has to deal with in Houston. Its just dry as a rag doll on a hot summer day (quote courtesy of Maren). Also, another problemo with riding all day is my hair. My locks have become beautiful but my helmet ruins them. So I am getting a haircut today. Whatevs. We have a good time being a bike area! It really isn't bad. I have fun with it. The only problem is sweaty shirts/pants and my hair. 

I hit my 9 month mark last week! That was exciting. Elder Wrathall and I got to celebrate it with a couple of high fives. So that was fun. It feels like I left forever ago but the time has gone by so fast! It’s kinda weird how that works! It’s been a good 9 months though and I am looking forward to the next 15!

We had Zone Conference this week in Midland (which is just less than 30 mins away). It was pretty sick. President Heap started off by instructing us about "Teaching like the Savior". Mind blown. President Heap is legit. Like, way legit. We then were instructed on different sections of "Teaching Skills" in PMG. After the instructions we all had role plays with members that were invited to come be "investigators" for us. Plus, they had us teach the Plan of Salvation to them which was interesting because we have never taught that together as a trio. But we taught a pretty good lesson and I did some good things that I haven't really done before! It was a good conference because I was able to really evaluate my teaching and now am able to go and make some good additions to my teaching skills. I've already seen it be a benefit!

 We have been teaching a good amount. More than I'm used to at least. This past week we had 4 lessons (2 with a member present) and a couple less-active lessons. That’s a pretty big turn-up from my last couple transfers. We would have taught quite a bit more but we had a lot of appointments punch on us. Which is just part of the game. You just kinda get used to that as a missionary. "Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. And take what comes." Good missionary quote right there. You can't control other people's agency so you have to do all you can to help them and hope for the best and let them and God do the rest! I wish I could find a way to just take away people's agency, but that would go against everything that God stands for and would be so insanely corrupted its not even funny. But, it sounds like a good time when used righteously. I guess there is no way that could be righteous, taking away their agency and all... I'm just gonna stop rambling now. 

We have a couple of sweet investigators! We are teaching a couple named Dustin and Rose. They are sick. They have come to church a few times and are basically ready to be baptized, but there is a probation issue we are facing but we are working with that. They are solid though. Dustin's grandparents are actually members and he went to church growing up when he was a kid so he has a background with the church. We have another investigator named Michael. He is kind of a weird dude, but he is solid and is a really bright guy. He is 21 and is actually a referral from Temple Square from a couple months ago. He is set to be baptized on the 15th of August. He'll have no problems. He is basically ready already. But we have stake conference and some other stuff so we have to wait until the 15th. But he's been going to church and reading the BoM like a champ so he's all set! 

 Well I love y'all and hope y'all have a good week in nice and cool Idaho. "Oh how the turn tables....." -Michael Scott

Pray I don't die from sweat loss but also that I may lose a few pounds from it! 

Elder Reed Ericson

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