Friday, October 2, 2015

Every Little Step I Take

September 28, 2015

Well hello there! What a pleasure it is to address you every Monday! This past week has been good! Some good stuff happened but also some whatever stuff happened. So basically it was a typical week!

To start off, we had a sweet party last week on p-day. After emailing and lunch we went to some cheap bowling alley and bowled the crap out of a couple of games with everyone in our zone. Well, the first game wasn't my best. Let me just say that nowhere in my score was there a number higher than 3.............................. yup. But I improved a lot my second game and started off on a tear before I started blowing chunks again. I improved 40 points though with a score of 72! My strategy was to take the 6 lb ball and just put my finger tips into the holes and just let it rip. It took a while to get it out of the left gutter but once I figured that out I started to look like a professional. Well, to a certain extent. I got a couple of spares... that’s all. It was a struggle to say the least. BUT, I can only go up from here. Maybe, I could do worse, but if that happens then I may just never do any sort of sport ever again. Then after bowling we went to the church for some sick basketball and then ate cake and destroyed a piňata. It was one of the sister's birthday so they planned a party. I can't complain about free cake and a piňata.

Another funny story, my one of the 4 wheel legs of my chair completely broke yesterday. So, I have now officially totally biffed it in my chair like 40 times. I have it figured out to where I can sit on it (even though I've fallen like 3 times) but praying on it is getting every increasingly difficult. But the only other chair we have is a hard folding chair and I want my ancient swivel chair with arm rests that reclines. Its a rough life but I'm surviving.

So, I had this crazy sweet idea for our "practice/role play" portion of district meeting last week. It was to teach the plan of salvation to yourself by writing it down using first person. So I told them what we were gonna do and we all went to the chapel and sat all by ourselves and I said a prayer to start and then I got into it. HOLY COW! It was one of the craziest experiences of my life! I was almost crying sitting there in the chapel as I was teaching myself the pre-earth life on my notepad. It was so crazy thinking about being created and living there and then leaving to come to earth. I got pretty personal into it and ended up teaching myself about my life here on earth and all that my Father has given me. It was such an amazing experience! I basically look at life completely differently now and have a different perspective of my life! Dang, I can't wait to teach someone the Plan of Salvation now because I feel like I am going to change their life right then and there. I hope to do that with all of our lessons now and see what different insights I get and how it will affect how I teach them! Oh yeah, to relate this to my email's subject... it has put "every little step I take" into much more perspective for me! Every step of my life means something! That was kind of a lame relation but we'll go with it.

I was able to go on exchanges again this last week. I went over to 1st East again with Elder Jewett. It was a good day! We had a lesson with a recent convert/less-active couple and talked about the Tree of Life and we were able to help them overcome some of the struggles they've been having. Later that evening I was able to interview their 11 year old investigator named Frankie for his baptism! His parents are both members and kind of returning less-actives so he hasn't been baptized yet. That was awesome! He has some attention issues but it was amazing to see him calm and attentive and he took it serious but still was himself! He's a good kid! And then later that night we went to see this man named Ronnie who they have been working with forever. He is a 60ish year old black guy and is just the funniest thing ever! He always says dicey stuff that you can't help but to laugh at! I've been over there 4 times now I think and I always walk out of there with a huge smile on my face. And then Ronnie was able to come to Frankie's baptism on Saturday and we had a good time eating refreshments/lunch with him after the service! Hahaha Ronnie is the man!

We had a sick lesson with Mark last Monday as well. We read and talked about 1 Nephi 8 with him and it was dang good and powerful! We teach him at the Noyes home (members in our ward who he basically belongs to) and so the spirit is always just so strong in there and the Noyes are way good member presents. Anyway, he is all set to go for the 10th of October! However, we may not be able to teach him everything by then so that may have to be postponed because of that. But hopefully we will be able to meet with him more often so that we can get that rolling faster! Other than that we suffered from a lot of punched appointments and normal appointments that didn't happen this week. So it was a slow week with teaching and whatnot. Hopefully we'll have a better week this week with that! We're going to have to focus a lot on finding this week to get more people to teach!

Well that's all I have time for this week! I hope y'all have a good week! I love y'all and pray for y'all every day!


Elder Reed Ericson

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