Monday, November 2, 2015

Gettin' Over the Hump!

October 26, 2015

Well hello everybody! It is a beautiful Monday here in Odessa! And by beautiful I mean a little chilly... but I can manage. This past week was a little crazy as you can imagine! Let me expound.

Well as you know I had a huge hump to get over this week! My goodness. Quite honestly the only difficult time was Monday night. Yes, I know, my hump day wasn't until Thursday.... however, Monday was the 19th of October so I laid there in bed knowing that in exactly a year I would be spending my first night at home in Idaho! Good heavens, that was quite the shocker! However it was short lived and I got over it in no time! Then Thursday came around.... oh boy! It was actually pretty good. Well, it wasn't good at all but it was all just funny to me! I'll tell you more about that in a minute! It was an interesting day mentally though. Just knowing that I was a year done was exciting, but then I would realize that I am only half way done, and I am basically just starting over again and doing what I just did for a second time. The thoughts of "I'M NEVER GOING HOME!!!!" came every once in a while... but those really aren't too bad! I enjoy it out here and I have seen how much I have grown and I am only excited to see what another whole year will do for me! Its quite exciting to think about! The only reason why I'd want to come home would be to apply what I have learned into normal life! I am actually really looking forward to that. I am super excited to have another year to learn and grow and then to take it all home and just be awesome and apply everything to my real world life!

So, what made my day interesting was my epic BIKE CRASH!!!!! Hahahaha it was sick! We were riding down a road (the name of the road would mean nothing to you) that wasn't very wide and had a good amount of cars going both ways. Elder Despain was in front of me and rode up onto a cement driveway type thing that was probably lifted about 2 inches up from the road. Well, I naturally tried to do the same thing, but for some reason my tire didn't get up over the lift and my tire just skid along the lifted cement. I was leaning and was in the motion of taking my bike up over the cement lift so when my tire didn't go up my bike and myself went flying right to the ground as I was riding probably between 12-15 mph, which isn't all that slow! I ate it hard!!! And there were lines of cars going both ways on the street!!! On the way down I was sure I was going to get back up with blood and dirt all over and in lots of pain... BUT, I had like zero pain! It was sick! All I had was a tiny cut on my left hand, a little scrape on my right elbow, and the outside of my right shoe looked destroyed but it was nothing my shoe wax stuff from Dillard's couldn't clean up! So back to the event itself. I popped right up from the ground and just hopped on my bike and loudly yelled "Dude that was sick!" and started riding away until Elder Despain stopped me because one of my bike lights fell off! Turns out there were a lot of things that went askew on my bike that I needed to tend to, but nothing that actually caused damage! But talk about an adrenaline rush! WHOOOO! I made it a whole year without crashing on my bike and then it happened to me twice actually on the week of my year mark! I also fell over on Tuesday night but we were both basically at a stop so it wasn't bad. Not worth telling the story at least.

Also on Friday the Lynch family fed us for a late year-mark celebration. On Monday they texted us and asked what I wanted so I requested steak... so they asked what kind I wanted, and I naturally answered ribeye because its just the best darn steak you can get. So, Friday night we went to the Lynch's and I had the best dang steak I've had in my life!!!!!!! Oh man. Just, oh. It was so dang good. I gobbled up all 16+ oz of that steak like it was candy on Halloween... but it was way better than Halloween candy! It was just... just.... so good that I can't even describe. Such good marbling and a solid amount of fat that just gave it the most amazing flavor. And it was cooked so dang good. I'm telling you, you ain't never had a steak like that. And then after dinner we worked it all off by playing a game of 3-on-3 football in the street in which I tore it up. And by tore it up I mean I had some sweet moves and tore down the sideline/right by the curb for some sweet touchdowns. Still got the speed! We only played for like 20 minutes though before it got dark. It was fun though! I wish we got to play more 3-on-3 football games in the street but unfortunately that's not really a thing that people do. Oh well.

We have been working hard on trying to get some people to teach. We have made contact with a few formers and met some new people on the street this week that invited us back. We had a couple people tell us we could come back on Saturday but we got caught up with a serious moving job on Saturday so we weren't able to get to them. We are continuing to build a solid foundation and I keep feeling that things are about to start happening here! Its just like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode one week! So hopefully we get some of that explosion this week! Other than that the missionary work has been the same old same old this past week. Nothing new. But hey, that's West Texas for ya!

I love y'all and hope y'all have a good week! I am thoroughly looking forward to another year to learn and grow down here in the Texas Lubbock Mission and serving the West Texans! Peace out!

Much love,

Elder Reed Ericson

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