Monday, November 23, 2015

Tearin' Up San Angelo

November 23, 2015

Well hello my good friends! It has been a fun week of new stuff for me down here in the great Texas Lubbock Mission! Its always an adventure getting used to a new area and all the fun that comes with that!

I will first begin with before I left Odessa. I hit money this time around getting to see all the people I wanted to see! Unlike Lubbock where I struck out! But Monday night was fantastic! We went and had dinner with the Noyes and after which I shared a sweet scripture with them that led to an intense discussion between Bro Noyes, Spencer (their nephew), myself, and then Tayton trying to follow along! We went off on the topics of creation, time, elements, eternity, the last days, etc. Haha nobody was able to follow it besides us so there was a side conversation that started between the rest of them. But, that was one of the sickest conversations I have had in a long time! It was a dang good time! I'm going to miss the Noyes family! They were so good to me. I think they are now second on my list of houses that I have spent the most time at behind the one and only Weldy's from Sweetwater! But that's because I had an extra 6 weeks with the Weldy's. We had some powerful lessons in their home teaching Mark and shared some wonderful dinner table moments with them! Good peeps. It was a rough goodbye saying goodbye to Odessa! Even harder than that was saying goodbye to Elder Despain! Nothing is like leaving your son in the hands of another person to take care of them and groom them! He will do good though! He has the potential to be a total rockstar! I am expecting great things from him! Pulling out of the apartment complex though was pretty terrible. I almost broke down but I kept it together like a man! I had some dang good times in Odessa!

San Angelo is pretty nice though! There are a lot more trees and hills than I've seen in a long time! Sweetwater was about as hilly as this place but the trees are more bountiful here! I actually saw my first river in over a year this past week! The Concho River runs right through our area! YEAH!!! Its getting low though so it may not be around for too much longer:( But I have actually gotten a bit of a leg workout biking around this place with all the hills! And by hills I mean West Texas hills. They still ain't that big. Oh yeah, I am in a bike area again. Typically only one companionship in a ward has a car if the ward is all city and no major outlying towns. We share the ward with the zone leaders who obviously have a vehicle so we whip around on the bikes! I enjoy it though! However, it is starting to get cold and it is much more difficult to go out and get to all the places you need to be and be productive when its cold. Finding people becomes much more difficult. So we are thinking of ways that we can combat that as a zone. We shall conquer. The ward here is HUGE! After serving in two smaller wards this one is a drastic difference! There are SO many people! Its a typical Idaho/Utah ward! And a lot of the people in the ward are young Air Force couples that are stationed here for a short time. But then again there are a lot of older people and others too. There is just a lot of them so you get a little bit of everything! It is a fun ward though! Elder Cooper who was in Odessa 2nd Ward with me is in the San Angelo 1st Ward with me now and it seems like he still like Odessa 2nd Ward more but talks this ward up a lot too! And I have met some really cool people and had a pleasant time at church yesterday so I am excited to be here!

My companion, Elder Shroeder is pretty beast. This is only his third transfer but he seems like he's a seasoned vet. Super mature but super funny and goofy too! We've been having a dang good time! Its been fun though because he still has a lot to learn and he already seems to be learning a lot from me and how I do different things! It will be fun to watch him grow! He is from Sandy, Utah which is no surprise. You just can't run away from them missionaries from Utah! He is also very closely related to someone extremely famous and awesome but I will keep that on the down low for now.... so you'll have to wait to figure that one out. Hehe. I don't think he likes tons of people knowing, so maybe I'll tell you when I get home in 11 months!

We have some sweet people we are working with down here. We have a man named Mac who is 80 years old and married to a member. He has been meeting with missionaries for YEARS but accepted a baptismal date for the first time a couple weeks ago! Apparently he is sincerely looking for answers for the first time now as well. We had a good lesson with him my second day here and it was pretty dang good! I don't think he had heard some of the stuff we threw at him and it seemed to really help him understand what he's looking for. So hopefully he continues to make progress! I also taught my first lesson to this couple named Chase and Melody. They came to church on Sunday for like their fifth time, however we just taught them their second official lesson. So I don't really know how that all lines up. But whatevs. We taught a killer Plan of Salvation. I hadn't taught that for months so it was fun to teach a real powerful Plan of Salvation to them! They are pretty solid. They will be out of town both Saturdays that we were shooting for their baptism but they accepted the invitation to prepare for the 26th of December! So we'll keep making progress with them! I also have gotten into some sweet doctrinal discussions with some peeps out there in the streets of San Angelo. It's kinda annoying actually. You just can't get through to some people. I have been thinking about how I can have good conversations but keep it from getting into a doctrinal discussion that doesn't go anywhere. Its funny though, there is always a moment or two where something that we say hits them and you can tell they feel something, but they just don't know how to react to it. Its frustrating when people don't understand the spirit. But whatevs.

Also, Elder Preisler from Melba is in my district! He's a good kid and loves just going out and talking to people on the streets! He was on my basketball team our first morning here (he is fresh out of the MTC) and we tore it up! Not gonna lie, I have been tearing it up. Last Monday was sick and then we played only one time this week and I continued my fire. I have been dropping bombs on people. Like, pulling up right in their face and dropping deep 3's on them and then I have been improving getting to the rim and finishing with the defense right there...  something that I was never able to do in high school! Dang, I've been consistently making sick shots. I've been shooting probably well over 50% on my 3's and they ain't the wide open type! Dang, I'm so good. Jk. I'm not that good. But then again, I am. Not nearly as good as Elder Despain though. That kid can ball up like crazy. Like, he's whacko good. He can hit a shot from anywhere within 10 feet of the 3 point line like its nothing. That kid..... I'm tellin' ya. Dang good.

Anyway, its a pleasure to be in San Angelo! I am expecting the work to be pretty good here! Still probably much much slower than a lot of places around the world but faster than Lubbock, Texas and Odessa, Texas! So it should be a good time! We shall see how it all unfolds! But I am happy to be here!

I love y'all and hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am excited for double Thanksgiving meals! Holler. Enjoy the company of family and friends and may the Lord's presence always be with you as you share those wonderful moments with each other!

Lots of Love,

Elder Reed Ericson

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