Monday, February 1, 2016

I bet it's warmer here than there.

February 1, 2016

Well hello my good amigos y familia! What a joy it is to email you today! This past week was pretty good. I can't complain.

Starting with yesterday.... all four of us elders here in the San Angelo 1st Ward gave talks in sacrament meeting! Bishop asked us last week if we could talk on "missionary work" so we had quite the broad assignment. But with all four of us talking we all were supposed to keep it under 10 minutes which is quite the difficult task. I spoke third, and the first two speakers went over time so I didn't expound on anything too much. Which was actually pretty sweet. It kept things powerful and to the point. That was a sweet talk! Not gonna lie. It was pretty sick. Everybody had a fit about our talks. Good heavens. It was a mob of people coming up to us after sacrament meeting thanking us for our talks and our testimonies. Like, mobs. It was nuts. People need to take a chill pill around here. But, they were pretty sick so it makes sense. I started off by ripping off a decent sized memorized quote from Gordon B. Hinckley that just brought the spirit, and then I got a few laughs, and then I commenced to throw down and ripped off some sweet memorized quotes throughout the talk. Its so much fun. I haven't spoke in church since I had a solid 10 minutes to prepare in Sweetwater when I still had no clue about anything in life. That talk to this talk was like night and day. Its always super good to see sweet improvement like that! Other than church, yesterday was legit. We went out and worked in PERFECT weather all afternoon! It was a gem of a day! And it being Sunday and a beautiful day, the citizens of San Angelo were all out in fenced in backyards making delicious smelling food. Nothing beats the aroma of charcoal or mesquite smoke cooking beef. Ugh, I almost died. Plus, our dinner appointment cancelled on us so after smelling that for a couple of hours we got to our apartment and I made some tater tots doused in butter and salt. Usually I have something actually pretty sustaining and more nutritious but I didn't have anything prepared. So the tater tots that I found in the freezer that have been in there since who knows when were good enough for me.

We had another good couple visits with Mac this week. And get this, Mac admitted that he knows the Book of Mormon is "mostly true"....................... hahaha come on Mac! How do you know its only "mostly true"! He is just too stubborn to admit that he knows its "all true"! Oh man, I had a good laugh when he said that its "mostly true". He loves his stubbornness. At his baptism the stake president gave the talk on baptism, and to start his talk he mentioned how he had to look up the "phobia" word that means "fear of going to heaven" because that's what Mac had for a long time! Hahaha and then in sacrament meeting the next day the high councilman started off by mentioning that he thought about having Mac go up during his talk to share his testimony, but he said that the phrase "one miracle at a time" hit him hard! Oh man. I love Mac! He is so fantastic and stubborn. As Sister McMunn says, "He is a Missouri mule (he's from Missouri). And I say that because I can't use the other word with y'all here! You are STUBBORN sweetie! So so stubborn!" One of these days he'll admit its all true. But as of now we can only wait.

Funny story. At dinner the other night we were sitting there chatting after dinner and I had a mint in my mouth. We were with a young couple in the ward and the husband started singing some T-Pain to his wife. It was funny, so I started laughing, and the mint that was in my mouth went shooting down my throat but didn't make it very far down before stopping and getting stuck. I started coughing but nothing happened. So I then said something out loud with no problem whatsoever despite a mint being stuck in my throat. So I proceeded to pour some juice into my glass because I thought that juice would wash it down without fail. Well that didn't work. So I then proceeded to kinda but not really throwing the mint up onto my plate along with some other stuff that looked interesting and slimy from my throat! It was hilarious! Thankfully the members were dying laughing the whole time so it was all good! But, it was an experience.

We got some sweet new investigators this week! There were some people that Elder Mangum and I talked to forever ago that we have never been able to meet with. We have contacted them a couple of times but never actually talked to them. Well, we were riding our bikes a little down the ways from their house when I looked down the road they lived on and thought that we may as well stop by their place. Eureka. She welcomed us in and we chatted it up for like an hour about life. Very good conversation. Her husband was just in the front yard cleaning up Christmas decorations so we just left the door open and sat right there on the couches. After a while of good good discussion she started to ask some questions about us and what makes our faith different than the other gajillions of faiths around here. So we shared the Book of Mormon, and gave a brief rundown of the Restoration. She seemed to really enjoy it and made the comment that she had "a lot of reading to do". Wonderful lady and her husband is wonderful as well! Great great people!

The new investigators have been a whee bit low here in San Angelo but things seem to be starting to pick up here! We have talked to some good people this past week and things seem to be picking up now that the weather is nice! We also visited Andrew a couple times and had some really good visits with him. He is doing super well. He has been taught everything multiple times before in past years and "lessons" aren't doing him any good. He talks a perfect amount to where he talks about 50% of the time and then we and our member presents chime in and teach him good stuff. We also have a "lesson" in mind that we try to incorporate into our comments. For example, we made a lot of comments that referred to the Plan of Salvation in our first visit this past week, and then last night we incorporated the first principles and ordinances of the gospel into our comments. It has been a dynamite way of doing it! That way Andrew is getting these things applied directly to his life. We aren't teaching him a lesson, we are applying the gospel to his life. I think he is actually getting it this time around!

Well my good friends, life is good. I can't complain. The weather is nice, the people of San Angelo are nice, the ward is nice, the work is nice, and the apartment is just alright, but I can deal with that. May the Lord bless y'all in your many labors and duties this week! Continue on the path of discipleship and let the grace of the good Lord mold you into the person you want to be for eternities!

With love,
Elder Reed Ericson

This picture is Sis. McMunn, Mac, and myself at the grand event.

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