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Keepin' It Real in San Angelo

February 8, 2016

Why hello my good familia y amigos! How is life? This week was pretty boring, not gonna lie. We stayed busy all week but I feel like I have nothing to write about. Which is weird, because I seem to always have SOMETHING cool to talk about. So we shall see what my fingers type as directed by the spirit!


Well to start off I can give you an update on my basketball skills for the millionth time. After a nice cold streak of sucking it up, I have found my groove on the hardwood again! For the last 3 months I have played zero defense and just shoot threes like its my day job. And that style of play doesn't really work when you can't hit a three for the life of you. BUT, last Monday and another morning this past week I decided to play defense for once, and my stroke from the outside became deadly once again! Plus I have been much more versatile offensively! I actually drive and pass now too! But we shall see what the coming weeks have in store for my bball skills. But I thought I'd fill you in as always!


Dang, I am really struggling to think of other things to write about. We helped in Primary yesterday! We were sitting gospel principles when the primary president walked in and said that she needed the help of the elders! So I shot up out of my seat and peaced out to primary, because lets face it, primary is way more awesome than adult classes! So we got to sit with the CTR 4 kids during sharing time and that was quite the experience. There were two kids that were on one. One of them was actually pretty funny but the other one was being a total brat to me. He kept on sticking his tongue out at me and saying pretty dang rude things to me when I tried to get him to settle down! Good thing his dad happened to be there because the kiddo gave the talk. So his dad came and sat behind him and kept him a little more under control. Good heavens. Those little ones are crazy! Their teacher actually showed up before they went to class so we stayed in primary and sat with the 9 year olds! They were a good group! We are good buds with one of the kids in that class because we eat at their place quite often, so he sat next to us and we had a good time! I miss primary so much! It was so fun to sit in on sharing time and listen to those kids sing their hearts out and share their testimonies! It was super powerful to hear those kiddos belt out "I am a child of God"! And they understood what they were singing too! I hope I get to work in Primary some day! Good times!


We didn't have too much productivity with the work this week. It seemed like things just didn't happen. I guess we really didn't even have much time to work out area until Wednesday afternoon however. We had p-day, and then on Tuesday we had district meeting and district lunch, and then we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. They are doing this new thing where they have all four missionaries go to the leaders' area to work for the day. So we didn't work our area at all on Tuesday and then not until later on Wednesday. So things started slow. We had our typical visits with Mac and Andrew which are always good. We had some pretty sweet lessons with them! Oh yes, and we had a SWEET visit with our old friend Sam! We've mostly just been helping him with his smoking and giving him support and encouragement but he started asking tons of questions the other day! We went over there at like 3:45 and he wanted us to stay there for the rest of the evening! However we finally got out of there at like 5:15 or so! He just started ripping off tons of questions about the second coming and millennium! Hahaha super fun conversation that we had! But all of his questions and answers really seemed to help bring him peace and comfort! It really hit the spot for him! We told him a LOT of information so we had to just cut it off and leave the rest for another time, even though he wanted us to stay for hours and hours! What a fun guy! Good ol' Sam! We also contacted a sweet-o less active member and a couple other pretty sweet people but nothing has come out of it so far. Hopefully this week we can see things start coming together!


My district meeting was pretty sweet this week! This whole transfer I have been working hard on getting the principle of accountability drilled into my missionaries heads! The whole goal is to help these young missionaries be better able to teach repentance through understanding repentance better in their own lives. So I have been doing a lot of things with them to help out with that foundation of understanding. And the principle of accountability is crucial in learning repentance! I could go on for days about all this but I figure that you don't care too much. Anyway, our last two district meetings have just been huge accountability sessions. The first one was pretty good but this past one was LEGIT. Such good stuff happening! I could see so much progress made in these young men and their understanding of it all! Plus, I am working on changing the culture of district meetings in our district and hopefully it spreads to our zone as well. I have really worked on making our meetings more efficient and more of what they are supposed to be. Because I feel like district meetings have become something different than what they are intended to be. So that's been sweet. All in all its been a good time with the boys in my district! However, they are closing one of the areas in my district so I will be down to just my companionship and one other set of elders, AGAIN! Haha that's what I had in Odessa as well! I enjoyed having an extra set of elders for a couple transfers, but I guess it wasn't meant to be!

Well I best be closing up! I hope y'all have a good week! May God bless you in your adventures this week as you hold to the iron rod and stand firm in your faith in Christ! His grace will never fail! I pray that his guiding hand may constantly be on your back directing you through this perilous world we live in! In fact, I was sitting at my desk a week or two ago at night before I went to bed and I could just hear sirens going on for a long time. It made me think about how crazy this world is and just how much commotion is in the world. It made me think about just how important it is to live the gospel to its fullness and to share our light with others! So be a light in the world! That is the single most important missionary work you can do!

God bless ya!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Reed Ericson

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