Monday, July 25, 2016

It Strikes Again!

July 25, 2016

Hello my good friends and family! It was another good week down here in Abilene, TX! We have a lot of good work going on and its been pretty fun! I guess I'll start off by giving you a weather update. It hasn't been raining at all lately so the humidity is going way down and everything is starting to dry up. It has been quite nice. However, the green landscape is starting to turn into a brown landscape in some aspects. Yay.

I will hit the subject of my email first, I guess. Remember how we baptized Larry Garcia in Sweetwater and later learned that he was a member of the church? And remember like 4 or 5 weeks ago when I mentioned that lady that we taught two times, invited to be baptized, and then learned that she was already a member? Well, it stuck again! Twice in one transfer! We have met a couple times with a lady named Tiffany, who is an inactive member that we found on the street, and her supposed non-member husband, Don. Well, we went over on Wednesday evening and as we sat down Don says, "Before we start, let me tell you this. If you go to the church in Midland, you'll find my records there. I was baptized back in probably about 1994 or so in Midland!" Well, his wife was absolutely floored along with us! They have been married for 5 years and a couple of those years she was fairly active in the church. However, after he was baptized he fell away and went through some pretty serious alcohol abuse and such for a number of years. So he said that after talking to us and talking about baptism he was sitting in his truck (he's a truck driver) and started to recall his baptism! Oh man, it was classic. His wife said, "You'd think that's something you would tell your wife!" Hahaha he had no recollection of it until the other day! Classic. So, throw baptism out the window, time to focus on the temple!

Btw... I feel no bueno right now. I got sick yesterday afternoon. It was one of those feel fine one minute and you’re in bed an hour later after throwing up things. So I am a little bit loopy right now. I may have to keep this a little short.

Yesterday we sang in sacrament meeting in our ward. Us and the 3 sister missionaries! It was quite the experience. We sang "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul". I was planning on just standing on the end and singing softly, however Elder Moschetti was singing the tenor part at one point of the song and it was messing me up apparently because I couldn't hear the others sing. So, I had to stand closer to the microphone than I desired. However, everybody apparently thought it was dang good. We were getting compliments all throughout church about it. I just had to keep telling people, "That was the first and the last time I will ever sing in sacrament meeting!" Which is the darn straight truth. I will not let myself be allowed to be volunteered to sing in such a meeting ever again.

Funny story, we met two people on one street that didn't believe in God! We knocked into an atheist and an agnostic within a few minutes of each other! It was an experience unheard of in West Texas!

Well, as far as the work goes, its going well! We currently have two baptismal dates (hopefully they don't turn out to be members, too) and a nice pool of people to teach! We have been raking in tons of less-active/recent convert lessons as well. In fact, that has probably been our most successful area of work this transfer! I realized the other day that the Lord blessed us this month with miles so that we can get around everywhere we need to! We have 1600 miles a month and when you throw in a 360 mile round trip to Lubbock and a possible second trip, plus a 200 or so mile trip for transfers... we are left with basically nothing. However this month we didn't have any long trip! So we have been blessed with a lot more freedom in our planning and our ability to get things going around here. However, next month could be difficult for miles, so we shall see how that goes if I'm still here.

Alrighty, I'm done trying to use my brain. I'm super tired and hungry. I hope y'all have a blessed week! May the Lord be with us as we strive to follow him!

God bless ya!

Elder Reed Ericson

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