Sunday, August 28, 2016

My New Life

August 27, 2016

Well hey there everyone. I bet I surely tricked you by sending an email to your inbox on a Saturday. I'm just trying to keep y'all on your toes, I guess. But yes, I now have p-day on Saturdays. Its going to be super boring, indeed. But hey, we'll survive.

Anyway, life for me for the past 4 days has been quite interesting. The office life is both sweet but yet terrible at the same time. Its getting more sweet now that I am starting to figure out whats going on! As far as the assignment of vehicle coordinator goes, I still feel like I am going to be in a world of hurt when the Heppler's leave next week. However, I feel like by the end of the next few days I will have a good enough grasp on it to get by at least and learn as I go. But its so much to learn! I had absolutely zero idea of all the stuff that you have to do as the vehicle coordinator until now! I have to learn all about the computer systems that the church uses, I have to learn about accidents and all of the reports, insurance claims, bids, repairs, and everything to go along with that. I have to learn about getting a car ready to sell and all the stuff that goes into that. We will be getting a large batch of new cars while I'm running things so I have to learn about that. I have to learn about all of the different seemingly millions of files we have lying around. I have to learn about TIWI (the "big-brother" type box we have). I have to learn about this and that and everything you could think of pertaining to vehicles. I am responsible for over 80 vehicles and everything that goes into them. But hey, at least I'm not an assistant. They have way more junk to worry about than I do! I am probably next on the list of things to do and learn. However it has been a treat to be in the office every day. I have really enjoyed being with the Heppler's (who we are replacing) and also the other office people. Its been a good time. Plus, lots of missionaries come in to get stuff or to ask things so its been fun to say "hey" to people when they come in for a visit! So overall, once I get a hang of things it will be pretty sweet. The hours in the office go by fairly quickly as well, so that's nice.

Our other assignment, Canyon West with Elder Schofield and Cook, has been pretty sweet! Its been good to get out and work with them in the evenings! I have also learned the struggle of having four missionaries in one apartment. And I now know why they don't typically have that arrangement made. TOO. MUCH. FUN. Oh my goodness it has been the greatest thing ever! Today we were able to stay with them for companionship study so we were able to talk about some things that we need to do to get things in order a little better! Oh man, its been just too much fun! We are laughing out butts off the whole time! But we are getting better at staying on track when we need to get things done. And after this morning we have some actual goals and such. So, no need to worry. We are four good missionaries adjusting to a new environment! I will send some pictures with this email to show you what's we're up to.

We went out with the Heppler's with a lady we do a ton of business with to a place called "The Shack BBQ". Dad, put it on the list! Holy cow!!!! Unreal stuff!!!!! I had me some moist brisket and some ribs. The brisket was second to Blackland Smokehouse when Blackland is having a normal aka good day. However this stuff beats Blackland when they are having a little bit of an off day. Oh man, I love being here. The bbq is just unreal in some places. Hopefully I can hit up the Big Texan up in Amarillo after zone conference next transfer!

Well, I am terribly sorry that I don't have more to say. I don't suppose that I will have very long emails for the next good while. Maybe I can figure out some other way to say some more things about my life down here. But for now, y'all will have to miserably suffer with this. 

I love y'all and hope y'all have a wonderful week! 

God bless ya!

Elder Reed Ericson

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