Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mega Van

September 10, 2016

Hola amigos! Its me again. I feel like I have tried to come up with stuff to say at the beginning of these emails for like 22 months now so I will skip that part and cut to the chase.

I really don't have much to say this week. My work in the office was pretty darn slow. I'm just waiting for someone to get in an accident or something to give me something to do. And I totally do not legitimately want that to happen because that means one of our missionaries would be in danger and the church would have to drop some mad dollars to repair the vehicle.... BUT, I do sometimes think about the fact that it would give me something to do. I did do a few things this week, however when you think about the fact that I have 8 hours a day for 5 days to do these things, there is a lot of dead time. Basically the sweetest thing I did this week (which I am actually pretty stoked about) was certifying myself to drive the mega van and then using it for a number of things! Oh heck yes. That thing is sweet! We have a 12 passenger Chevy Express 3500 out in the parking lot that we use for different things, and I started driving that unit this week! I had to use it for a few different things and had to get its oil changed. So that was basically the greatest thing that happened to me. That sucker is high quality. It shoots onto the freeway like nothin'!

Aside from the mega van, my work was just about nothing else. I had a few more hilarious phone calls from sister missionaries about aggressive driving violations from TIWI. That was classic. I thoroughly enjoy taking those phone calls! Make my day every time! Also, it is super fun knowing all the transfer info for people! We have administrative authority for the program the mission/church uses for missions so we can check out the transfer board. People will talk about transfers and I just sit there laughing on the inside because I know exactly what's happening to them. It’s great stuff. Pretty sure it’s driving Elder Schofield and Cook crazy because they know that we know but they know that we can't say anything that we know. It’s quite fun. 

As for our proselyting work, it’s been alright. Elder Cook and I go together every evening and it has been a pleasure to be out with him! We have bonded pretty hard the last week! He opened up to me about some stuff right as our evening started one day and then the rest of the night was just hard core bonding. Oh man, I love that guy! Super thankful for the #QuadSquad! Elder Cook has been a pleasure to work with, Elder Hawes is a champ, and Elder Schofield has been a hoot to have around as well! It’s been a treat! Unfortunately, we may be moving into separate places in the next week or so. Not quite sure on the details. I know that we will be moving, but where to is a question. However, I did hear some talk from the finance office across the room from our office that there is a possibility of us staying united in a in a member’s basement! So we shall see!

Anyway, Elder Cook and I were able to get a couple new investigators this week! Canyon West is a wee bit shy of investigators at the moment. The week before we got here they taught a gajillion lessons, but they were all to basically two people who were preparing for baptism. Now, those people are baptized, and it’s back to square one. But, we did meet up with a young couple named Andrew and Emily this week and they are super sweet! I don't know what it’s been with me lately, but I've been teaching a lot of couples lately, particularly young couples! I basically NEVER taught couples and families until I went to Hobbs and they started to flock like geese to Elder Ericson and his companion, and then here too! It’s been weird, but I LIKE IT! Its way more legit. I used to not like teaching multiple people, but its way legit now that I have control over basically all teaching situations. Also, Elder Hawes and I (Schofield and Cook were gone doing something else out of town) knocked into a long lost member of the church near campus last night. That one keeps on finding me as well! I ran into them all day in Abilene and then I found my first one here! Apparently God likes to use me to run into long lost members of the church! The guy was pretty sweet and was stoked to see missionaries, but he works full time and is in grad school, so we may never see him again. Hopefully so, but there's a good chance we won't. Anyway, ummmmmm............ that’s about it. 


Ummmmmmmmm............................................... idk what else to say. It’s pretty chilly today. Don't know where it came from. It’s probably down into the 50's. Last night at 3:00 I was awoken by some gnarly thunder and lightning. I peeked out the window right at the head of my bed and watched the rain dump and the lightning shoot and listened to the wind howl and the thunder roll for like 5 minutes until I decided that it wasn't the first and wouldn't be the last storm I would see in my life. So I plopped back down and zonked for the rest of the night.


Well, I'm officially out of things to say. I’m fixin' to start transfer 17 out of 17 on Monday! Crazy. Time is ticking down! I love y'all and hope y'all have a blessed week!

God bless ya!

Elder Reed Ericson

P.S. Just send mail to the mission office now as I will be moving sometime soon. I will get whatever is sent right when it arrives.

6310 114th St

Lubbock, TX 79424

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